Info on my game idea

So my idea for a game in my module aspects of play was labeled as a momentum card game…  The game will be split into two elements, a open world rush element where you as the play rushes around the world to collect cards that are scattered around the world. The second element is the card battle, using the cards you collect you then use them in battle. I will be uploading more on my card battle system soon along with the research and inspiration for my card battle system.

So my game is set on Earth on parallel universe where, Money is dealt in playing cards, the rarer the card, the more it is worth. In this world, these card battles are the main sport, everyone is interested in them and it is a very big part of life (obviously with large sums of money being used for card, example for bonds cards are used.). Card battling competitions are always being held and there is big money and card rewards for the winner. But their is a massive event held every 5 years which the biggest event in the world, people form all over come to take part in it. The game is set leading up to one of these main events. The largest space bank in the world exploded in space, this vault contain thousands of cards, some never seen by the public. The explosion sent the cards all over the world. This saw a increase in card bandits, and is where the main character of the game comes along. A Professional card bandit, and experienced card battler, dreams of winning the main card event. Set out to collect as many rare cards as he can. But he is no the only person after cards, every one including the government is.

The open world aspect is this main character exploring the world and finding the cards, often racing and fighting people to get to these cards. from runnig and climbing around cities to racing around the desert in dune buggies.In the open world section of my game. I would like it all open and explorable so  you can go into shops and other buildings. I would like it to be third person view, real time battle and running around.


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