Platform expo

On the 16th of November I went to the platform expo, which was held over several venues, but mainly at City Hall. First of all I saw a couple of Illustrators that where taking your suggestions and drawing random things. It was interesting to see how a professional doodles. Next in the main room I started to talk to all the indie developers there, one of them was a group of 3rd year students from down south who made a game about a red blood cell and you try to avoid bacteria and see how long you can survive before you are destroyed. Talking to this group I found out how it is a struggle to get published, they have a completed game that looks good and is fun to play yet they are asking for people to sign their petition so they can get published. They say the best thing to do is just get the best start building a portfolio to show your strengths and unique seller point.  Other games I looked at including a point and click shooting game where you destroy oncoming meteorites, where already published indie games, talking to them they said they just made their idea as strong as they could when they proposed making sure they thought of all questions that could be asked.  I talked to a well know company called jagex and they gave me leaflets about internships there, they said it would be really good for experience and trying to get into the industry.


















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