Game hacker: Aspects of play…

Me and my group using a board game called game hacker created our own game. It is part of our aspects of play module. People (myself included) are so used to having a game with a list of rules and game play already handed to them. As a games design student, my task is now not to focus on the pretty but on game mechanics. what makes a game successful, fun to play. I’m so used to just playing games that it was quite challenging at first to come up with a fun game. but as my team work we slow but surely came up with a board and a set of rules that allowed us to begin play. Our game was Agon, and Alea. Players use a die to move. When it came to fighting another player, you drew to see who has the highest card. The aim of the game is to find the keys from each map and get the the money on the last map once you have all the keys. I think the game was a success, all 16 managed to play the game and enjoy it.


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