Apsects of Play – Consoles

I have been researching Aspects of play, by looking at consoles games. consoles games are what makes money (exceptions to facebook games), the games that have the most thought and money spent on them. A lot bigger than causal internet games, they usually attract more hardcore gamers.


One of the most anticipated games in a long time, this game is mimicry because you play as three people, Micheal, Franklin and Trevor. GTA is Agon, its competitive because you want to beat the game. GTA Online is even more competitive because you are against other players from around the world and you want to beat them and be the best. I think GTA is so successful because of the amount of things you can do. I like the humor of the game, the characters are all individually awesome

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action/adventure fantasy game that has a large fan base (me being one of them!).  This game is Mimicry because you play as a young boy called Sora who is looking for his two best friends after a mysterious storm hits his island.  Agon as well because you want to beat the game. whats interesting about this game is that it has a lot of Disney and final fantasy characters in it.


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