Board Games. Theory of play.

As part of our primary research, me and my group looked at all things not video related. Mainly card games and board games. Firstly we looked at card game, Poker. We played with chips as well. So immediately there was a big seance of, Agon, competition! Playing with chips aided this feeling cause now we were all playing for something other than pride. Another thing that is very high in poker, is Alea. You could put two players against each other, one player a newbie, and the other a seasoned professional. Whilst the pro has experience on his side, he has no control of what cards are dealt and the newbie has just as much chance as the pro the get the cards he needs dealt. Minicry and Illnx are not part of the traditional game of poker. However I have played many games of poker on video games where you play as your character, so I guess that could be classed as Mimicry.

Dungeons and Dragons

Designers: Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson

Publisher: TSR, Wizards of the Coast

Year: 1974

Genre: Fantasy, Board game

This Game is a competitive game, you and your team are against the dungeon master, working together to progress through the dungeons, and snuff out all the traps and monsters the master sets. This game has a very high chance factor in it (Alea) , you have to roll many different die that determines a whole lot of different things like how much damage you do or how many traps you can diffuse. There is a lot of Mimicry in dungeons and dragons, you are the role of your character, we only played the starter version, in main game, player frequently dress up to play the game. A state of flow can be achieved when you’re full immersed in the game, working together in a team to overcome the obstacles you face.


Modern adaptation 1500s (earliest predecessor roughly 5AD)

Chess is a board game that is purely argonstical. Each player starts with 16 pieces and take turns to strategically move their pieces to ultimately capture the opponents King.


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