Principles of learning – Edward Thorndike

The Principles of learning were three laws developed by Thorndike, since then five more have been added. These are Readiness, Exercise, Effect. Primacy, Recency, intensity, Freedom and Requirement.

Readiness – People must be ready to learn, eager and concentrating. Being in the right mindset.

Exercise – Repetition, the things that are repeated are more easily remembered. Meaningful repetition in conjunction with useful and positive feedback.

Effect – Learning is strengthened when accompanied and rewarded with a pleasant warm and satisfying feeling.

Primacy – First experience should be positive because it is a lasting effect.

Intensity – Intensity can effect the likeliness of something being retained.  the more intense the better chance a person will learn more.

Recency – The more recent the material learned the easier it is to remember it.

Freedom – learning as a persons own pace is more effective than being under pressure.

Requirement – A positive outcome is needed, how i mean is, something must be achieved as the end for us to do it, for example learning a new language, the out come is being able to speak this new language.

This has been linked to the flow theory with amazing results, when people are in flow, immersion creates positive and thrilling experiences that aid the 8 laws of learning.


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