Interactive historical media research

Because of my client project, i am looking at other interactive historical works. Last year, the year above me modeled hull trinity church as it would be in the 13th century ( I think they did a very good job. Looking a the finished fly through they decided to make it at the time when the church was having an extension, this was purposely done so that they were loads of scaffolding on and around the church so that it would make for a better map with players being able to climb on it, and have different vantage points. One of the things that was spoken about and apparently said in every years initial idea but never makes it to the final piece is people, animated NPCs. Me an my group really want to do this with our piece. i think this will be difficult and time consuming but well worth it to give it a more life life feel to our work. The trinity project had a few lighting rendering issues in the final fly through, this is simply because it wasn’t built properly in UDK, me and my group will take this as a learning curve and make sure we wont do the same thing. Also, another I want our group to avoid it blocking out the buildings in our map with one model and just changing the scale of it. I don’t think it will be as much as an issue for my year because of us purposely researching each building around the train station.


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