The Street

Today we had a group discussion about our project the street. We are aiming to make a full street  populated with assets and have a match in the street. the shape of the street will be a capital “I”. We first said what we are going to make, and i will also list the assets that were decided.

Firstly I will model a full rail bridge that will go across the map. I have two different types of rail bridges. One based on the rail bridge that goes across Stoneferry road with, it has arches the span across the road. from a modelers view, making the arches would be quite difficult to model without using a Boolean that rarely work well once imported into UDK. The other style is similar to bridges seen on Newbridge road and spring bank west. It looks more like a box cut out, I might add a few pillars to support the weight. the asset i will be building is a billboard advertisement. James is making a night club and modeling a bottle to go with it. Jamie is modeling a butchers and a hanging pig carcass. Matt is doing a bank and a ATM. Mark is doing a comic shop with a out door sign. Scott is doing an old run down cafe and modeling a pick nick bench to go with it.  Barry will model a pub and metal keg, he hopes to make the first floor open to game play. Tom is also making a pub with a possible alleyway and will model a crate to go with it. Adam will model a three story office building with access to the roof via a stairway, he will also model a pallet to go with it. Nathan is modeling a record shop. Craig is modelling a toy shop and toy bunny. Nathan and Reece are both doing pubs with possible alleyways and model a wooden crate. Chris will model a garage , he is thinking of possible access right through it . Ryan is modeling a junk shop. Ethan another pub with a bin asset. Finally, Sam is modeling a takeaway and scaffolding.


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