3D modeling task

For one of our tasks for craft and media tech 2, we had to pick a card from a deck and each card related to an item on the desk in the center of the room. I picked the two of spades and had to model a brass plug. I tried many times to get the shape looking right. First I tried building solid shaped and putting them together, I discovered it leaves gaps and was impossible to target weld or bridge the two ploys together, because they already had 3 faces and you couldn’t make another one. next I tried using lines, making the shape but it being only 1 poly thick, and then used the shell modifier to thicken it to necessary thickness. this didn’t work to bad, but all the welding made it looked warped in some place and I feel I could do better. I next tried building basic primitives again but once I got the basic shape of each component, I then removed the face from the top and the bottom to make into and out line, just one poly thick. I then deleted the segments were two overlapped and then welded them and added a shell modifier. I turbo smoothed part of the finished model.

 (Click to view in 3D)

(Click to view in 3D)


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