Immersion and Addiction?

Although not considered an actually diagnosis in the Manual of Mental Disorders. Is a problem that affects a lot of people. People have been known to play games on the computer 10 hours a day rather that going to school, now if it gets to the point where they are playing a significant amount of hours per day on this game and not going to school, they have an obvious addiction. Video game addiction work hand in hand with the other, if the game isn’t immersive, they will wont get so easily addicted to it. What is immersion? Immersion is where a player is complete “in the zone”, enthroned in the world of the video game, and forget all about the real world. Now this is good to a certain extent, for example the level designers. if they are running around a that wad designed and textured really professionally, the play will care less about them (sad for the level designers but is shows they have done a good job) and carry on through the game like there were nothing wrong. good design work and characters help the feeling of immersion. But not everyone gets addicted and plays for so many hours at a time. I think that an individual has to have the addictive gene in them. So I think it is down to an individual rather than a game.

“In 2009, kim Sa-rang, a 3 month old Korean child, died from malnutrition after both her parents spent hours each day in an internet cafe raising a virtual child in an online game – Salmon, Andrew 28 may 2009″ – See it’s not the games that make trouble, it’s the sick people who play them, that was an innocent game for people wanting to raise a child. why the hell these two people choose the virtual child over their own real child sickens me. It’s the players not the games.


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