Game introduction part 1 “story”

The beginning of the game is set in between WW3 and the purist war. In the opening you will not see how all our 5 heroes have met and the last remaining stronghold, but what you do see is all of them with their hand reach into the center before breaking. all the hero have traveled here for their own reasons, from all over the world. they all spend their last night before they hed out relaxing because they know the road will be tough, the three guys are having a few drinks in the pub, whilst beth spends the night with Anna, a little bit scared, Anna tries her best to comfort her. In the morning they all meet in the strong hold center next to the memorial statues. Beth has a night mere through the night, you see her and her dream. You see Li sat meditating, deep in thought. Lev gets Delroy drunk, so is Delroy is a bit rough in the morning.  They all hed to the main gate, a crowd has gathered there to wave them off and wish them luck.


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