What makes up Holdeness Road?

Holderness Road started off as housing street, but has since been subjected to poverty. The street had seen lots of home grown businesses that have spring up along the street, that have since closed again or are struggling to keep open.  I looked particularly at the top end of Holderness road, near mount pleasant. First thing you see are some big old houses that have shops on the ground floor, it looks like two building placed on top of each other. The shops are home businesses and business looks like it isn’t doing to well, being subjected to resection all the building look run down and rough. They used to be more houses attached to them but some of the have been knocked down but the plans for the new builds have been scraped and now it is just a empty mud pit. Its interesting to see the side of the last house where it has been violently detached form the other and you can see all the marks and brick work. At the top of Holderness road there is a a little rail bridge that run across the road. An example of how people use pace, the arches under the rail bridge is now filled in and made into little dome shaped shops. under every dome is a small little shops. its strange to see this old run down bridge with some more modern shops underneath. Different levels of decay. It looks odd to see the old rail bridge next to the brand new retail park in front of it because it is all new brick work, just a group of buildings that appeared out of now where, the retail park destroyed alot of archutechture like old primary schools and cobbel roads. there is no evidense of of that now, a little bit of history losts.


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