Sporting GUI

I am looking at the GUIs for the very popular Fifa12 against the rugby league alternative Rugby league live 2. Fifas gui is very simple, which is good because it doesn’t take away from the action of the game. It is exactly the same as watching football on the telly but with a few extras. the team’s name and scores are in the top left hand corner. The bottom of the screen is where is differs, in the bottom left side has your current selected player, next to that in the middle who have the mini-map, is shows all the players locations and, in different coloured dots that are linked to the team they play for. the ringed dot is the current selected player and they x is the balls location.

 FIFA12-PS3-telecam-with-hudRugby league live 2s GUI is slightly different to Fifa. The name and score of the two teams is located in the bottom left corner. in that box is also shows what minute it is and what the current tackle count is. That’s it for the static GUI. The rest of the UI is dynamic, the white ring shows the player with the ball at the ruck any other time the red ring is the controllable player and you’ll have the ball. next transparent white line on the floor show your attackers running path, along with buttons on top of players head to show what button you have to press to pass to that player.


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