Rabbit heart research.

Rabbit heart started as a conversation bewtween Gareth and his students, a way to showcase concept work effectivly. With a very very vage idea on what he wanted he started to look through all his old work and unfinished paintings and unused ideas. One caught his attention, a young girl all along on a strange world. this would prove to be the first bit of real inspiration for rabbit heart. taking inspiration from the gamer ‘Ico’ where you are accompanied by a partner, a few ideas and drawings later, a ninja bunny exo suit was his conclutionh and rabbit heart weas born.


From there, for a while development of ideas was the only thing happening, Gareth focused on developing the charctger of the little girl and the rabbit. aslo some desvelopment on the antagonists as well. initailly a tenticaled monstewr like the kraken.

Next thing was the thought of the environments, especially his main idea, the flying gallions, adre3ssing how they would look and fly. and how big they are, problems like if they are that big how would be able to efficiantly explore them.



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