Racing GUI

gran-turismo-5-spec-2-screenshots4I have looked at two games for racing game user interfaces, I picked games that contrast each other. Firstly i picked GT5, it includes all the basic stuff you’d think would be on a racing game, including your position and lap number. In the middle of the screen but not quite at the top, there is your current lap time. Then to the right of the screen it shows you your previous lap time and your fast over all lap, as well as a position list showing everyone position. At the bottom we have UIs that are more relevant to your car. Bottem left shows the condition of your tires and how much fuel is left in your car. then next to that you  have your virtual dash-board showing you your speed and revs as well as your current gear. So this game crams of relevant information on-screen, but it is place right in the edge of the screen to give you as much as much viewable space without it being obscured by GUI.

Need for Speed and GT5 differ somewhat quite a bit, GT taking the more realistic approach, to thing where as NfS is quite extreme in

NeedForSpeed-CarbonScreenshot4everything. This can be seen in the difference of GUIs, NfS has Nos and heat bars. In the top right hand corner, is where you can find the information on the current race, instead of number of laps, NfS has a percentage of how much you have completed, as well as a points meter show how well you are doing, this shows the difference between the two, NfS points play a lot because you can play lots of different game modes. underneath is how close or far away from your rival is in feet. At the bottom like GT is the information about your car, rather than a dash, it just has a speedometer showing your speed, your current gear, enhanced time bar and a nos bar. there is also a rev counter. then on the right there is a mini map and a heat counter shoeing you how wanted you are from the police.


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