Edge vs Games Magazine, which is better?

I have been asked to compare two different gamer magazines. The two magazines I have chosen to compare and write about are; “games” magazine and “EDGE” magazine.

As I look at the contents of ‘games’ magazine, it is splitting into 6 main sections, these are Discuss, retro, 2013: Game Highlights, Features, Reviews and Favorites.

Discuss is exactly what it says, these are a collection of article and interviews talking about the current going ons in the gaming industry, things that will affect it. For example Disney’s recent acquiring of Star wars, and what it could mean for the future of Disney and Star wars games, will Star wars become more of a childlike name. It is set up with lots of well-placed relevant pictures linking into what is being said. I think the language is quite a relaxed format, not so formal, but still well written. What I like is that the texts contain lots of ‘puns’ and references that make me as a reader laugh and smile. This magazine has a colour code, all key information is highlighted in yellow, and this helps to locate key information quickly. This is useful for all kind of reader, people who are rushing through and just want the key bit of information, or the opposite. Also another thing that I like on the ‘Discuss’ section, on the bottom of every page, they have a different headline, like a bit of extra information, sort of like when you watch the news and you get updates scrolling along the bottom. This aids the reader with extra info. Every so often, in the top left of a page, they will have links to all the magazines different social networks so that you can get extra information and reviews if you follow them on twitter and such. This shows me the magazine cares about their readers and they want to offer them more. Offer articles in this section include a section about a legend in the business who resigning from his job and they talk about his journey in the industry.

Retro is a section completely for old games, and looks back at the games and significant landmarks in retro gaming, interviewing designers 20years on and talking about what made the games a failure or success. Just almost for people who want to remember the oldies and they do give a review to each game, a very good interesting read to a generation of games I missed out on. Another section in this that I found really interesting is about a really rare Nintendo game that included its own robot with each copy. It’s interesting to see what games are worth $1000s now and why.

We have a big section on games that will be coming out this year, and what to expect and look forward to, this is good for a reader so that they can get key information on the games they a wanting in the future. This magazine also includes reviews where they look at a new game and talk about its good and bad the same as every game magazine.

Edge magazine immediately I can tell that this magazine it written to a very high standard, very formal. And is more for the intellectual reader that is perhaps more interested in the game mechanics and designers as well as the games.

It includes more about the theory of games, like there is one article called Pink vs Blue and it is about woman in the video game industry. It talks about the rise of female gamers and what it means for the industry. It is very interesting and as I say, more for people who are interested in the industry not just soul on the games. Interesting, in both magazines, we have pages of job advertisements for making games. But another thing I have noticed, games magazine aimed it at younger people who have not yet gone to university showing them course options on how to get into game design.

Whereas Edge, to me, assumes you already can design games and get your attention about telling you, you can win money if your design is good enough. Both magazines are FULL of 1 page game advertisements for new or upcoming games like FarCry 3 for example, telling you release dates and age ratings and such. Edge is advertising internet connections from Curry’s. Edges talks a lot about game mechanics and animation, nothing like this was found in the other magazine, a few interview with game designers was as far as it got, the star wars section and the prediction for that was quite interesting, but other than that, it was just about the completed thing, and that it where the two magazines differ. One focuses on the making equally as much as the finished thing and the other is just about the finished project. Both games have a section where they review the newly released games. Edges layout looks allot more formal looks like they are in some sort of order, both talk about the same things, but not as much detail compared to Edge, also the text is more formal and doesn’t include clever puns like games magazine.


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