Drawing continued

I definitely think i am improving with my drawing, the positioning of my drawings are really starting to get noticeably better. i decided to draw the other main character from breaking bad, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). I Also drew my favorite comedian, Frankie Boyle, but i wanted to test my self, so i picked a difficult picture to draw, he is looking down and has a massive beard. i think hair in general is hard to draw and it is something i struggle with, but lucky with the 1st drawing, he was wearing a hat so i dint have to worry about his hair. this was not the case for Frankie, his facial hair was a real pain in the arse to draw and i think i did a good outline but in the end i didn’t think it looked finished and i lacked the ability to finish it properly. I think what i need to do to improve my drawings is to put alot more shading into it, to makes them drawings stand out and of the page, give them more depth, because at the moment they look a little flat and bland


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