1 Minute Sound Project

We have been asked to create a 1 minute piece, we wasn’t limited to what it could be, but said it would be best if it was related to game design, like a trailer. We all got into groups. My group started to brain storm ideas on a sheet of paper, we came up with lots of different ideas but we really liked one called Call of Duty, Prehistoric Warfare. We talked about how all cods are the same, never really one that was original. So we came up with the idea, advertising a new Call of Duty. We then expanded on this,thinking about things we could talk about like unique game plays like blowpipes instead of sniper rifles. I think it was a good idea, it was just a case of thinking about things that would make it sound appealing like crazy kill streaks like releasing a saber tooth cat and have it kill the enemy team. Once we had our ideas, we wrote a script of what was going to be said, like plot and release dates. The next thing we did was get lots of props like pipes, rocks, rope and other things to make sound that we could use in our trailer, sound that sound like they’re from prehistoric times. We got many sounds that were a good base, we only edited a few like Jamie’s roar to sound like the saber tooth cat, we lowered the tone and played about with it till it sounded a bit more realistic and (no offense to Jamie) scary 🙂 . For the script we all had goes at reading through the script, but because of our hull accents, it didn’t really sound to good. I said as a joke that i could do an alright Russian accent and they all took it serious so i ended up reading through the script in my Russian accent. It actually went allot better than i thought it would, it sounded good, and I think avoiding the Yorkshire accent and mixing it up again was a good movie, and it is just something about the Russian accent that sounds a bit barbaric. After we had all the parts recoreded, it was just a case over putting it all together, we used to program Audacity, to pt everything together.

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