My game proposal

  1. The nature of my game, is a simple 2D scroller in which a boy is getting chased by various different monsters. The player will have to survive being chased by various different monsters, and make it to the final level escape the last monster, the monster that captured you there. Players will have to overcome various different levels and monsters, each level will have different obstacles and ending.
  2. To win the game, you must have completed the last level and escape the dream world. After the initial story mode is complete, you can play through the game again on a time trail, trying to complete the levels in the quickest time. The times then form a leader board.
  3. The players role is the little boy that has been take to a dream world by a monster. Helping this little boy work through the levels so that he can escape the dream world, and wake up so that he can see his mother.
  4. All playable levels take place in a fictional dream world that the monster has taken the boy to. The levels are all surreal, and look eerie, but can tell they’re based on places of earth like a swamp or deserted building. The opening and ending will show the real world, the little boys house, mainly his bedroom and you will see the boys mother.
  5. The players interaction is through an avatar, the little boy, you control him.
  6. The game is a 2D side scoller so the players will only view the game from one side, and when the boy moves, the camera will follow him. They will only be one perspective.
  7. They’re two modes in the game, story mode and time trial mode. The story mode is where you play through the game like you should, enjoying all aspects of the game, the graphics, the game play and story and this should be played first. However the time trail mode is unlocked after you do the story mode, and you replay the levels, but you have to try to complete the levels as quick as possible. The quicker you complete the levels, the better the score.
  8. This game is single-player only, but there is a leader board that people can compete to get the high score on.
  9. The story is that a boy is in him bed room getting tucked in bed at night by his mum. The boy falls asleep and wakes up in a dream world, transported by an evil monster. He works his way through the dream world and escapes the dream word to wake up to his mum.
  10. This game would fall into the 2D side scoller genre under action/adventure.
  11. I think anyone could play this game, but more child friendly. I think people would want to play this game because of the nice story line, and easy on the eye graphics.
  12. This game is going to be design on flash and to be played on computer and a website.

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