I was shown how to make seamless textures, these are textures that can be repeated and not look like individual pictures, how ever look like one big picture. To do this I had to go out and look for suitable textures around town. I learned quickly that you have to be very specific with what you can use and found that lighting and angel make a huge difference in creating a believable seamless texture. I found that its best to find and area that has something striking and definable that would ruin the illusion of a repetitive pattern because you would be able to easily see it. Once i had my textured images, I opened one in Photoshop. and selected an area I wanted to use, 1024px by 1024px. I then opened a new document with the same size of the selection and pasted it in. The filter I used to create the effect is called offset, and what this does is overlay the picture and you can choose how far and in the x and y-axis. to do this effect you must do it half of the image size in both axis. The sides of the image will fit together now, but you can see the over lapping line going across the image. to get rid of this I used the spot heal brush and smoothed it out so that you couldn’t tell.

Original textures compered to finished seamless textures




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