Headphone Product Reviews

5. Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD

Dr Dre released his beats in late 200 and have become very popular in the following years. But what made them so popular, i found the Beats comfortable and stylish, with a very think frame that weights only 186 grams. I found the sound disappointing for the £170 price tag, it had an impressive bass boost on it, but found it added bass to sounds that didn’t really need it and disrupted my experience. A problem i found with the Solo HDs is that the material on the top of the headphones that go over your head is easily broken and or the foams padding that sits on your head can easily peel away from the plastic, and i feel that this is bad craftsmanship especially for the price of these headphones. Overall i think people buy Beats not for the sounds, but more for the looks, a fashion accessory and because celebrities wear, everyone one else copies them thinking that they’re cool. I’m giving the Dr Dre Beats Solo HD pros 2/5

4.SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent

SMS audio was released in late 2011, and is very similar to Beats by Dr Dre. This is famous rapper 50 Cents own personal rang of headphones. And i think these headphones again focus on looks more than sound quality. Apathetically these headphones are amazing, the look very stylish and professional. The unique selling point of these headphones are that they are wireless head phones and all you need to do is plug the dongle into the audio jack slot, this offers a much more stable and quicker connection than Bluetooth.  Some problems with these headphones are that the plastic on the top is rather delicate and can sometime snap. another problem is with the dongle, it is weak, and can easily be broken if knocked. Overall i think that if you care about how you look and don’t mind spending £270, then SMS audio my 50 Cent is the head phones for you. Overall I would give these headphones 3/5

3.AKG K171 MKii

AKG have been making quality headphones for years. The AKG K171 MKii are a newish model of headphones that do look rather stylish, but offer great sound quality and durability. You can pick up a pair of these headphones for under £100, which is a lot cheaper than other headphones in the review. When I tried some of these head phones I was impressed with the materials it was made out of, it made it feel very strong and reliable, I could tell that they wouldn’t easily break. One other thing that I thought was a good little extra is that the cord was detachable string cord so it is a rather hand extra. These headphones have some really decent specs, Frequency is 18000-26000Hz, 55Ω, so pretty good resistance on them. Overall I think that these headphones are a little bit of everything and are really good headphones, I’m giving them 4/5! Amazing headphones.

2.Sony mdrzx100

These are the dark horse in the whole review, getting to #2  in my review, and I honestly think these little beauties deserve that spot. First thing you will notice about these headphones is that size of them, very small, very light but surprisingly sturdy, weighing just 120grams. Whats amazing about these headphones is the price; you can pick up a pair of these pair boys for £15!! That’s Amazing! These little headphones have amazing sound quality for the price, and well as noise reducing function. their frequency is 12000-22000Hz, which is amazing for something so small. They have a sensitivity of 100db, and anything of a 100 and over is really good so that is a plus. The only thing I found disappointing with their specs is their resistance, the headphones have a resistance of 22Ω which is pretty low, but considering everything else I was willing to let it slide. These headphones were unexpected treat and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing them, I’m giving them 5/5!

1.Sennheiser HD280Pro

At number one in my review are the Sennheiser HD280Pros, These things are honestly amazing are for the money, you would be very hard pushed to find better sound quality. You can buy these for £75 on Ebay, which is the second cheapest headphones on my list, and is great value. I just wanted to talk about the specs on these headphones, because they are mind blowing. First of all, it has one of the best frequency ranges I have seen, it has 8000-25000Hz, that’s pretty impressive. The resistance of these headphones is 64Ω, which again is a very impressive number, and I haven’t seen many, if any higher than that. Also, they have a sensitivity of 113db, which is well over the 100 mark and is very impressive. So sound wise, these are like a gift from God, but what about other aspects? well, durability wise these things are great as well, they are quite bulky not too heavy on your head but are notice able. they have a large cup that sits over your ear and is very comfortable and allows for long wearing without irritation. they cups rotate and can comfortably fit on any head. The full headphones feel very solid and secure, and do not feel like they are going to break any time soon. They have a spring-loaded style cord that is very useful. it also has an adapter built on it, allowing you to plug it into amplifiers. They actually don’t look that bad as well, they are just bulky, but then again, all professional studio headphones are. I am blown away with these headphones and I am giving them a well deserved 5/5!


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