One of the many aspects of games is their sound. On Tuesdays I do a sound course.  In the first week we were learning about the history of sound, for example the first sound recorded which was simple of a man talking. we learned about keys words used in sound and listened to some more different recordings writing down if they were monologues or interviews and such. once I had learned the key words, I found this exercise easy to do.

In the second lesson, we were shown a piece of recording equipment, I was shown how to use it and what we needed to do for this lesson task. I was asked to go and records different sounds with this recording equipment. it could be everything we wanted, could even be background noise that people wouldn’t even notice. Me and my group decided to record the coffee machine, you could hear the money falling into the machine, and the machine making a noise whilst it makes the coffee. we tried to get sounds people groups wouldn’t think of. I ride a motorbike, so we decided to record me starting my bike and revving it a few times.

We were learning about background noise, and how even sound i thought would be not needed still are necessary to make a piece sound realistic.

The weeks after, we took our sound recordings and edited them on Audacity. The purpose of this lesson was to explore Audacity and get used to it, we all tried different things editing the sounds. I sped up one of my clips and them reversed it an this made my bike sound very strange and cool.


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